Kids Sewing Classes

Our Kids Sewing Classes are open for all children from 8 years on. It does‘t matter if you have used a sewing machine before or if sewing is totally new to you, we will help you to find a suitable project to start with. It‘s more than likely that you have plenty of ideas, what you can make out of fabric. You will find sewing machines and fabrics in the workroom, ready to use…

Every Thursday and Friday from 3pm.

The course fee is 25€ for 2 hours and 30€ for 3 hours without material.

Booking is possible directly in our shop or via email.

More Kid's Sewing:

Kid's Workshops in holidays

you will find special holiday workshops for kids in their school vacation time.

Please email us for more information.

Kid's Birthday Sewing

We offer kid‘s birthdays in our workroom for up to 6 children and plan with you, what you want to sew with your birthday guests.

Please email us for more information.